The 2019 Fairbanks Fall Festival & Septemberfest
was held on
Sunday, September 29th

The 2020 festival tentative date is

Sunday, September 27th

On Sunday, September 29th, the Fairbanks House hosted its 4th annual Fall Festival September Fest, and it was a big success!
We welcomed over 600 people to the Fairbanks House property!

Visitors saw demonstrations of crafts and shopped from vendors of hand-made goods. They tasted delicious craft hard cider, spirits, and mead. Visitors interacted with a Revolutionary War doctor, a colonial tin-smith, a fife & drum corps, a captain from the USS Constitution, colonials cooking over an open fire, and more!
Kids played historic games, pressed apple cider, and dipped their own candle! The 1637 Fairbanks House was visited by many (for free!) and 35 prizes (totaling over $1000!) to local businesses were raffled off.

Are you a historic re-enactor?  Do you sell handmade crafts or food?
Demonstrate or sell your crafts at the next Festival!

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Photo Credits: Jaq Chen & Ken Glansberg