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The Fairbanks House is owned and preserved by the Fairbanks Family in America, Inc.,
a nonprofit 501c3 charitable genealogical association.  Under IRS regulations charitable donations are tax deductible.

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Opportunities for Giving to The Fairbanks House

In 1904 Fairbanks family members including J. Wilder Fairbanks, Henry Irving Fairbanks, and Lillian Titus generously provided the funds to rescue the House from imminent sale to a developer and endow it as a historic house museum. Please consider following their footsteps by giving your financial support to protect and preserve this national treasure for future generations.

Individual Giving

Annual Fund Gifts, Tribute Gifts & Endowment Gifts help preserve this old house for years to come.

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Planned Giving

Bequests and gifts of life insurance, individual retirement accounts, and life income create a legacy for you and your family, and provide support for the Fairbanks’ family homestead for generations to come.

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Curatorial Giving

By adopting an object you help fund the restoration of a specific historic object in the Fairbanks Family in America collections.

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Pave Your Way Into History
Honor a Family Member!

Over the past few years, hundreds of Fairbanks family members and friends have purchased personalized engraved paving stones, showcased in our newly paved walkway to the entrance of the House. Order yours today with a donation of  $75.00.

Not only will you be honoring a family member, ancestor or friend, you will be helping to preserve the Fairbanks House for generations to come.

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Opportunities for Membership

Membership in the Fairbanks Family in America is open to all who care about historic preservation and want to help to conserve
the c. 1637 Fairbanks House museum, the oldest remaining wood frame structure in North America.

We welcome descendants of Jonathan and Grace Fairbanks (also known as Fairbank, Fayerbanke, Farebanke, etc.), spouses and adopted children.

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