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On August 14, 2011 The Fairbanks Family in America with cooperation of the Dedham 375th Committee hosted Contentment Plantation Period Crafts Demonstrations on the grounds. It was a smashing success that saw over 400 attendees. The event drew craft interpreters from throughout New England.


Crafters included: Peter and Nancy Cook of Berwick, ME, spinner and weaver; Daniel and Penny Lacroix, Westford, MA, tape loom and joyner; Ron Raiselis and Tara Vose, Lebanon, ME, cooper and milliner; William and Judy Wasson,. Thomston, ME, rope maker, carver, basketweaver; Gin Gerhard, Hill, NH, flax preparation and spinner; Denis Hambucken, Lee, NH, riving wood; Tom Kelleher, Old Sturbridge Village, tombstone carver; Henry Cooke, Randolph, MA, tailor; Jonathan Fairbanks, Westwood, MA, painter and stainer; Al Breed, Berwick, ME, carver; Chris Messier, Plimoth Plantation, Assistant to Governor; Daniel Fairbanks, Orem, UT, clay modeling; Robert Shure, Woburn, MA, plaster casting; and, Beth Goldman, Newton, MA, actress; Patti Violette, Director, Shirley Eustis House, Boston, MA. The special guest of the day was Antique Road Show’s Leigh Keno.


All Photos by Billy Hartigan.